No Refund Policy

We do not refund party pre-payments. We will try to reschedule your party if given 7 days advance notice. If less than 7 days notice we will charge a rescheduling fee of $19.95 per table that will be in addition to your original payment.

We will not refund table fees or admissions for any reason including power failure, or bad weather. Nickelrama at its discretion will issue either a free pass to use for a future day, or reschedule your group to an available day.

Nickelrama will refund the coins that it took to play a game that has malfunctioned at the time of malfunction. Customer has responsibility to report this to attendant immediately in order to recieve replacement coins.  Cups of coins will not be refunded. Replacement coins will not be refunded once a customer has left the building. Ticket type games will be refunded in the same manner. We will not issue tickets for any disagreement concerning amounts of tickets.


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