Only $5.95

Regular Admission

Regular Admission $5.95

Our price is the same for children,adults, players or non players. Children 3 and under are free. Group party rates for Birthdays and Sports teams, Group rates also available for Schools, Daycares, and Youth groups. Read details below.

  • Play games for an affordable price!
  • Admission allows you to play terrific games for only nickels.
  • We offer top-notch quality entertainment for an affordable price.
  • Kids as well as their parents have a great time.
  • Our product lines include the latest in video games, simulators, and ticket games.
  • Our redemption counter is full of fun and assorted prizes.
  • Smoking or dipping is not permitted in the Arcade.
  • Reservations are available for the party area.
  • Food and soft drinks may be brought inside.
  • Glass, Alcohol or Tobacco is not allowed in Arcade.
  • Cash or Credit Cards are accepted, no Checks.
  • Upon exiting Arcade re-entry requires new admission.
  • Refunds for unusual circumstances; storms or poweroutages, remedied with free passes .
  • Admission applies to Adults as well as Children, Players or Spectators.
  • Good conduct is expected at all times.
  • Drink and Vending machines provided, Pizza available next door at Sali’s.
  • Nickels are not included with admission.

B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Party) Concept!

  • You are able to bring in your own food and drink (no glass or alcohol).
  • Bring in a cooler to keep your drinks cold.
  • Great pizza next door at Sali’s (Belt Line) or CiCi’s (Firewheel), or get a pizza from anywhere you like and bring it in.
  • Cafeteria type tables are available for your group or party.
  • Some parties decorate their table while others prefer an informal approach.
  • Flat Rates on Birthday Party table space now available.
  • Reservations are recommended for all groups.
  • Games take 1 to 6 nickels.

Have More Fun For Less Money!

  • Games for all ages and interests.
  • Win tickets and select prizes from our large selection.
  • Use REAL NICKELS- we have plenty of them for you.
  • Fun and very affordable entertainment.
  • Happy and helpful employees to assist you.
  • We have the latest and greatest selection of Arcade style games.
  • Reserve a party table for $119.95 and invite 16 guests.
  • Best Birthday Parties in the Metroplex.
  • Schools, Daycares, Sports teams, and Youth Groups dream field trip.

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Safe, Cheap, Clean, Fun!
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Daycares have been enjoying our facility for many years. Affordable and Fun. Our daycare group rate also allows for Teachers and Chaperones free admission. The kids have such a memorable and enjoyable time playing the best games in the arcade business with real nickels.

$119.95 - 16 Free Guests!
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This is a great way to celebrate your teams season. Secure your row of tables for only $119.95 and invite 16 free guests. If you need to invite more people you can purchase a second table and invite 32 free guests. Your guests can purchase nickels at our cash register or change machines.

Group Rates - $4.95 per
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We are the perfect venue for your Youth Group. These groups have several options available to them. Advance booking group rates are a cost savings, while our flat rates can save and guarantee your group table space. Group rates are paid on the day of the event while flat rates are advance payments.

Memorable - Inexpensive!
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Reward your students with the field trip of a lifetime. It's simple to book on-line and secure the time and space for your group. Teachers and Chaperones are not charged and you can purchase nickels in any denomination to suite your school budget.

the Whole place to yourself!
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NickelRama is a fabulous place for your special party that offers you our entire facility all to yourself! We would be closed to the general public during your time slot. You can bring in your own food and drink (no glass, no alcohol). Bring up to 60 free guests! We will close to the general public during your party!

Affordable Fun!
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We host field trips for many of the local Rec - Centers. We are set up with the Dallas Vendor system and do business with many area Rec-Centers. Feel free to contact us or reserve space on our on-line system. This is a great way to entertain your group in an affordable high quality way.

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