COVID-19 Guidelines

Effective March 10th 2021


With the State of Texas lifting the mask mandate, Nickelrama will continue to recommend and encourage mask usage by our Customers and Employees.

It is the responsibility of each Customer and Employee to stay at home if they have a fever or feel sick in any way. 

We will be continually sanitizing our nickels with our Ultra Violet Light. This process will reduce any perceived risks associated with touching objects.  Please keep in mind that this in no way is a replacement for washing your hands.

Private Parties may request that all of our employees wear masks and we will respectfully do so. Private Parties also may require the same from their guests. 

One of the best methods to stay healthy is to frequently wash your hands and not to touch your face. 

Hand Sanitizer is a good idea to use in this time frame. Washing hands, sanitizing hands, and not touching your face are key components to avoid germs.  Hand Sanitizer is made available to our customers upon entry and located at cashier and redemption counter areas.
We will provide disposable gloves to our Customers and Employees upon their request.  This is yet another method to increase safety and germ transmission. 

Social Distancing is encouraged , especially with groups that have not arrived together.  If this is not possible, wearing a mask would be recommended.

We will provide high quality wipe stations throughout the Arcade.  These wipes can be used by our Customers to wipe down their hands or a game at any time!  This will be in addition to our employees continuously wiping down games after Customer usage.
We have posted signage throughout our Arcades to remind everyone to practice good hygiene.  

We have reduced the Party sizes to a max of 12 guests per table purchased.  Each cafeteria style 8 foot table. 

The amount of people that you can have as guests to your party is 12 people per table purchased.

Our total Occupancy is back to 100%.  Original Belt Line max occupancy is 299, while our Firewheel location is 434. 

We will strive to keep our entire facility clean and sanitized.  Creative ideas such as ultra violet light cleaning, game wipe downs, counter wipe downs, customer wipe stations, mopping, sanitizers and more. 

We never liked those VR games that required our customers to wear some type of head device! Too hard to keep clean. We don’t have a single one. 

We are doing everything possible to promote safety though Nickelrama does not guarantee that you will not be exposed to this Covid-19 or any other virus during your visit and accepts no liability for such an occurrence. Viruses are an inherent risk in any public location.  Each Customer accepts this liability upon entry.

What We Offer

A family-friendly arcade that uses nickels instead of quarters!

Our games are much more reasonably priced and affordable because of this!

We have 2 locations available for guests to walk in and play or make a reservation!

Birthday/Sports Parties

Come celebrate your special event with us! No need to book a table- just come in and play with your friends!

Table Reservations

Reserve your own table and bring in your own food and drinks!

Private Parties

Book the whole venue for a private party and have the entire arcade to yourself!

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