Spring Break March 11-15...Extended Hours!

M-S 9am to 11pm, Sunday 11am to 9pm

On-line reservations available!

Happy Hour from 9am to 10am Monday through Friday! Have fun and enjoy the best Arcade games in the industry.
Buy a $5.00 cup and get in for free during Happy Hour!

Happy Hour 9am to 10am

March 11th - 15th

Buy a $5.00 cup and get in for FREE. It's that simple. Come in during our selected Happy Hour weekdays from 9am to 10am, buy a $5.00 cup of nickels(yes-100 nickels) and our admission is waived. This applies to selected dates, 9am to 10am only. Groups may take advantage of this offer. Visit us during Spring Break!

Groups - booking on-line!

March 11th - 15th

Groups of 10 or more should consider on-line booking. We have two locations within two miles of each other. We have hosted Spring Break for countless DayCares, Youth Groups, Schools, Sports teams, YMCA's, Dayhabs, and Rec Centers Bring your group out to see us and reserve your day and time today!

Avoid the Crowd

March 11th - 15th

If you want to avoid the large groups that may be visiting you may consider the following options. Arriving after 3pm typically avoids these groups as they usually leaving around that time. There are usually not many groups at the 9am happy hour time frame. 9am Saturday and 11am Sunday are great crowd avoidance times.

We have the latest games!

March 11th -15th

We have loaded each location with the latest in Arcade entertainment. Enjoy the absolute best games in the industry and play them with nickels! Games that cost several dollars per one play at other facilities cost 1 to no more than 6 nickels to play!! It's basically amazing.

Visit US!

2 Locations within 2 miles

Nickelrama with 2 locations to serve the Garland community. Northstar Crossing on Beltline Road and Firewheel Commons on Lavon Drive are only 2 miles apart. We are now able to host more Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Sports Teams, and Youth Groups. If one location is booked we may be able book you at the other location!

We have been in business for over 20 years and love what we do! Our facility has entertained young and old alike with affordable pricing for all of these years. Our commitment to high quality and current technology has enabled us to be a number one spot for so many parties and groups.

It's clean, the games are well maintained, cool prizes, affordable and fun. There is no doubt that it is a busy festive place and that's why a second location within two miles is the perfect solution for us to offer this level of entertainment to our large customer base!

Drive Time


Click..Dallas 28min
Click..Mesquite 24min
Click..Richardson 12min
Click..Rowlett 17min
Click..Rockwall 25min
Click..Sachse 11min

We Party

With Real Nickels!

You can literally play the best Arcade games for hours without breaking your budget.
It's so much more fun when it's affordable. Forget the "Card Swipes and use your spare change to play!


Safe, Cheap, Clean, Fun!

Daycares have been enjoying our facility for many years. Affordable and Fun. Our daycare group rate also allows for Teachers and Chaperones free admission. The kids have such a memorable and enjoyable time playing the best games in the arcade business with real nickels.

Sports Team Parties

$69.95 - 30 Free Guests!

This is a great way to celebrate your teams season. Secure your row of tables for only $69.95 and invite 30 free guests. If you need to invite more people you can purchase a second row and invite 60 free guests. Your guests can purchase nickels at our cash register or change machines.

Youth Groups

Group Rates - $2.95 per

We are the perfect venue for your Youth Group. These groups have several options available to them. Advance booking group rates are a cost savings, while our flat rates can save and guarantee your group table space. Group rates are paid on the day of the event while flat rates are advance payments.


Memorable - Inexpensive!

Reward your students with the field trip of a lifetime. It's simple to book on-line and secure the time and space for your group. Teachers and Chaperones are not charged and you can purchase nickels in any denomination to suite your school budget.

Church Groups

High Quality Entertainment!

A great destination for your Church group. We have hosted many large and small Church groups over the years. Many options are available for your group. Our group pricing or flatrate packages are available depending upon your needs.

Family - Company Parties

Affordable Get-togethers!

We host field trips for many of the local Rec - Centers. We are set up with the Dallas Vendor system and do business with many area Rec-Centers. Feel free to contact us or reserve space on our on-line system. This is a great way to entertain your group in an affordable high quality way.

Great Arcade games

Fun for the whole family!

Great fun at an affordable price for everyone. Games played with real nickels for over 20 years!
Field Trips, Birthday Parties, Date Night, Family Fun, Sports Parties and more!


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Nickels = $5.00


Free Guests per Party

Book your Event and Reserve your Space today!