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This motion simulator is a blast, this thrilling ride will make you feel as though you went to an amusement park ....


1000 extra points are available with our V.I.P. wristband for only $1.95, a great option to obtain prizes!


It's hard to believe but our games really do use real nickels. You can really play for hours and have a ton of fun; super savings....

Party Area

Table Space available for parties and groups, flat rates, group rates, you can bring in food and drinks, huge savings....

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Our games use real nickels!
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Birthday Parties

NickelRama continues to host the best birthday parties in Dallas. Nickelrama is a bring your own party type place. You can bring in your own food and drink(no glass, no alcohol). Your party can get a row or two of cafeteria type tables. Adults and kids have tons of fun enjoying the very best in Arcade Video, ticket games, and simulators. The affordable price enables game play for hours of fun. Each party receives a one hour and fourty-five minute period for table use. Although table use is limited, you and your party are welcome to stay as long as you like. Our flat rate deal allows you to have 25 guests and one row of tables for only $59.95! If you want more you can have up to 50 guests and two rows of tables for only $119.90! Pre Payment is required and reservations are only guaranteed after payment has been made. Our NEW $29.95 NO TABLE OPTION has been a nice alternative to those who just want to come in a play games for their party. 12 guests included in this offer and stay as long as you like. Pre-payment is also required. Customers are really enjoying these inexpensive high quality party options. Extra table time for your Birthday Party is also available for an additional charge. Don't forget that Sali's Pizza is right next door!

Nickelrama is a great Birthday Party Idea! During the last 19 years, we have probably hosted more Birthday Parties than any other single location in the Dallas Area. Our mission has been to host a high quality Birthday Party that offers lots of fun for everyone. Adults, teens, and children actually enjoy coming to our facility and love playing the fabulous assortment of games that we provide. Customers having several hours of fun inexpensively is a common and welcomed experience at Nickelrama. Make your Birthday Party reservations well in advance so that you can get the time and day you need. We are a busy place and the available table space does fill up quickly.

School Field Trips

School field trips to NickelRama are fun. We can accomadate a group of up to 290 people at one time. Our facility provides great games, prizes and a party area of cafeteria style tables for your usage. When hosting School Systems, NickelRama trys to schedule these events one at a time. We attempt to have schools come individually and not overlap. This type of scheduling is available Monday though Friday before our regular hours when school is in session. Our facility is not open to the public during these events. Teachers and Chaperones are exempt from the admission charge. Students pay the $2.75 admission plus nickel usage. Advance reservation is critical if you are looking for a specific day and time. Popular days and times especially at the end of the school year book up quickly. With these type of arrangements, the ablity that you have to control a successful school trip in our facility is excellent. You and your group will have a great time.

Daycare Trips

NickelRama loves to host field trips for DayCare facilities. We have been “the spot” over the last ten years for these events. Not only are we affordable for your business, we are usually the kids number 1 place to go! Our $2.75 admission charge gives the DayCare Operator an opportunity to offer a high quality field trip. Kids could bring their sac lunch and you can either offer several dollars worth of nickels to each child, have the kids bring their own money for nickels, or do a combination of both. This enables the DayCare facility to control costs and provide a great time to the children. It is important to book your event with us as early as you can. If you want the day and time of your choice, your early bookings will help in this regard. NickelRama does “sell out” during busy times. On-line reservations have also become the best way to confirm your trip. Reservations can be made on or you can call in at 972-414-7042. Spring Break and Summer bookings should be made in advance. If we are sold out a representative will offer another day and time that might be suitable for your group. Keep in mind that NickelRama does open as early as 9am during these busy times!

Youth and Church Groups

A Youth Group field trip at NickelRama is entertaining, fun, and affordable. As a Youth Minister or Director of a group of high energy adolecents you can find an exciting time at our facility. Your counselors are admitted free of charge and your group gets the group rate of $2.75 per person admission. You can either provide cups(in any demonination that you choose)of nickels or have your group get their own. In either case this provides you with the means to easily stay within your budget. You can bring in coolers of drinks and food(no glass, no alcohol). Sali’s Pizza is right next door. Please make sure that you book your event in advance; Spring Break and Summer bookings especially. Give your group a special treat and visit us soon! You can make reservation on-line or call (972)414-7042.

Sports Award Parties

Nickelrama is a great place to host your end of season award party! Our cafeteria style tables placed end to end provide a perfect platform for your award distribution. Our games will not only entertain the players but will be fun for everyone that accompanies them. When you make a reservation for your award party you now pay an inexpensive flat fee. With this method of payment you can invite everyone to enjoy your event at our best rate. Our flat rate deal allows you to have 25 guests and one row of tables for only $59.95! If you want more you can have up to 50 guests and two rows of tables for only $119.95! Pre Payment is required and reservations are only guaranteed after payment has been made. Food and drink can be brought in to our facility and Sali’s Pizza is right next door. Make your reservations early so that you can get the day and time of your choice!


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